Apartment Decorating Like a Designer

Apartment Decorating Like a Designer

Apartment decorating like a designer isn’t hard when you know how to look at your blank canvas. Use the tips below to guide your journey!

The Secret to Furnishing

People scavenge high and low, holding out for weeks and months trying to get ahold of “the right” piece of furniture. The sure-fire way to impress your guests with your furniture is to find furniture you can build off of. You will not only save time trying to find furniture, but you’ll also save money. All you have to do is head to antique and thrift stores and browse. If you don’t have any luck, look for furniture on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, you are bound to find something. Eventually, you’ll find a sufficient piece of furniture to let your creativity run wild with. After a little redesign work, you’ll be in possession of a one-of-a-kind piece! Carry the repurposing mindset to other furniture in your apartment, whether it’s an end table, your bed frame, or even a picture frame.

Manipulate with Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for making sure your outfit is on point, they can make the smallest apartments look large. Use mirrors to make space that otherwise didn’t exist. Small spots can be made big if you know how to hang a mirror and add depth. This is common practice in restaurants and retail buildings with smaller storefronts. If you love to watch the news while you wake up, hang a mirror so you can brew your coffee in the kitchen while still being able to watch the TV in the living room.

Plants are Practical

Aside from looking nice and making you appear like a caretaker, plants filter the air in your apartment, making you healthier. Additionally, as plants require sunlight, they will draw light in from the windows, making your apartment brighter. Take into account how much light shines into your apartment, you don’t want to have plants that require a lot of sunlight if you only have a little, and vice-versa. Even if you aren’t the most impressive green thumb, start slow with plants that don’t need to much attention, like Aloe or a cactus.

Make it Bright Paint Light

Use a light color scheme to make your apartment as bright as possible. If you’re fortunate to have ample natural light in your apartment, a light color scheme will stretch it to the darkest corners and hopefully keep your gas and electric bill low. Light colors don’t just make your apartment look bigger, they also make you happier. If you find yourself worn out when you get home, take a breath of fresh air when you walk through your door by making use of white, light blue, and soft yellow. Don’t use dark colors, as dark colors will make even the largest spaces little. Use dark colors minimally and only to accent other areas in your apartment.

Middle of the Road

You have to be really careful with how much you add to your apartment, that’s why it’s recommended to decorate slowly. Too much stuff will appear as clutter, and too little will look bleak. Decorating is all about finding that happy medium to make the entire place look even. “Decoration density” is a real measurement, make sure you don’t have too much in any one area, otherwise you’ll draw the eyes of your visitors to one spot and they won’t notice everything else you put up. Avoid the clutter catastrophe and have a nice, even decoration density to have a cohesive look throughout your apartment.

Trash, Clean, Arrange, Repeat

When living in an apartment, you cannot escape the piling up of stuff. To prevent your apartment from becoming a dump, it is imperative you throwaway anything you don’t use and do not need. With all trash out of your way, clean the place. Once clean, you need to arrange what you have kept, then repeat the process at least once a week. In time, you will have created a habit that has become second nature. This makes the process of moving out so much simpler, as you don’t have to worry about purging your apartment because you’ve been doing it the whole time. If you one day a week seems impossible to sort through your apartment, break it down to one room each day.

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