Apartment Living Tips and More

Cleaning is critical to healthy living. It’s important to clean properly to ensure the longevity of your apartment and, more importantly, your health! Learn how to clean your light fixtures, granite countertops, and tile floors.
Remember, always start from top to bottom. Keep in mind a good cleaning doesn’t have to take a long time. You can clean a bathroom and kitchen in 15 minutes or less!
Some chores should be performed daily, while others will only be yearly ones. We made a list of seven things you probably forget to clean so you can keep your apartment in ship shape.

washing your baseball hat withour ruining its shape

Washing Your Baseball Hat Without Ruining Its Shape

Everyone has their favorite hat; for many people, their favorite hat is a baseball-style hat. Whether you wear it every day, just on special occasions, Read More »
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three dishwasher rules you can break

Three Dishwasher “Rules” You Can Break

While many of us have specific rules we live by in the kitchen, we are here to tell you that there are three common dishwasher Read More »
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natural air fresheners for your apartment

Natural Air Fresheners For Your Apartment

Everyone loves a nice-smelling apartment, but how do you get your apartment to smell nice without using air fresheners that are loaded with chemicals? Believe Read More »
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make your own all natural bathroom cleaners

Make Your Own All-Natural Bathroom Cleaners With These Simple Recipes

Bathroom cleaners are often loaded with chemicals and can be expensive. Use these easy recipes to make your own natural bathroom cleaners that will reduce Read More »
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how to make your sliding door tracks sparkle

How to Make Your Sliding Door Tracks Sparkle

Do you remember the last time you cleaned out your sliding door tracks? If you’re like most people, the answer is “never.” Well, now is Read More »
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cleaning products that you need to get rid of or replace

Cleaning Products That You Need To Get Rid Of Or Replace

Whether you are planning on a move or just doing some cleaning around the apartment, there are likely some cleaning items you have that need Read More »
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adopt these easy habits for a clean apartment and a clear mind

Adopt These Easy Habits for a Clean Apartment and a Clear Mind

There is no doubt that clutter in your apartment will lead to clutter in your mind. Having a clean and organized space is one of Read More »
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what you shoul do when guests are on their way over

What You Should Do When Guests Are On Their Way Over

Did you just get a surprise call that people are coming over to your apartment? Or maybe it’s not a surprise visit, but you haven’t Read More »
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Tile Floor Cleaning 2

Tile Floor Cleaning

It’s common to find tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Aside from looking marvelous, and they’re easy to clean and incredibly strong. Properly Read More »
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Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment After Overcoming an Illness 2

Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment After Overcoming an Illness

In order to prevent the spread of a sickness, it is critical to thoroughly clean your entire apartment. Proper handwashing is necessary, but the sickness Read More »
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