Keeping Noise Down

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Apartment living requires you to learn how to keep the noise down. You don’t want the sounds of the street to keep you up at night, and your neighbors don’t want to hear what you’re up to either.
There are many economical strategies to soundproof your apartment, such as utilizing weatherproofing to kill two birds with one stone. Sealing up your windows and implementing draft stoppers (or door sweeps) keeps the cold out and the city and hallway sound out, too.
If you have hardwood or tile floors, consider purchasing carpets and rugs to soften up the space and absorb sound. Likewise, tapestries on the walls and curtains on the doors won’t allow sound to bounce, reducing the decibels in your apartment.
There’s no limit to your creativity in keeping the noise down. Soundproofing is critical if you have roommates, pets, children, or like to host in your apartment.

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