Living with Children

Apartment Living Tips and More

You love your children even though they sometimes do things you don’t like. Being a parent isn’t always the most gratuitous job, but it’s all part of being a responsible adult living with children.
There are necessary measures to ensure your child’s safety, and wisdom comes with age that feels like cheat codes when first acquired.
If you have children, you’re probably already on top of this, but if you don’t have children and will be expecting young visitors, it’s imperative you child-proof your apartment. You don’t want a young child in your knife drawer, crawling up your cupboards, or getting into your tools and appliances.
This may require you to declutter your apartment and contain your cables, so your place isn’t one significant safety hazard. Technology and personal possessions aren’t your only concern; some decorations may be dangerous to display in a child’s presence. Many houseplants, for example, are toxic to humans. Take some weight off your shoulders and find a spot where a child won’t find them or, better yet, find a friend or neighbor to keep the plant while the child occupies your apartment.
Living with children can be trying, but when you learn how to perform yoga on your own and work smarter (like using your dishwasher to clean your kid’s toys), I assure you, it gets easier.

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