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Not everyone is outstanding at organizing, but you don’t have to be a natural born “i” dotter and “t” crosser. The trick to organization is creating habits. Proper organization is a crucial component to healthy living and keeps your apartment and your mind clean.
When your apartment is organized, it will help you think clearly and make the right choices. When your judgement isn’t clouded by a messy apartment and you’re making the right choices, you will find your mood, performance at work, and social life improve. Heck, you may even find you have a better grasp on your finances.
Healthy living isn’t being a clean freak. It’s all about working toward and acquiring balance. In fact, it’s not about “having it all,” it’s about knowing where to set boundaries and where to put your time and energy to better yourself. Organizing is one step on the path to healthy living.
When you’re organized, you navigate social, economical, and even work-related challenges better than if your apartment was a mess.
Consider using a trash bag, a box, and bin next time you don’t know where to start. Use a trash bag for junk, a box for donations, and a bin for belongings that need to be relocated within your apartment. Once you have these three items you can go to down. Throw the trash bag out the second it is full. Find a friend or thrift store to donate your boxed items too (or you can consider selling them if they’re worth anything). All the items in your bin will be relocated when you’ve finished your apartment purge.

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