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Apartment Living Tips and More

Healthy living is more than just keeping your apartment clean and free from flies and spiders. Healthy living is knowing how to navigate an issue with a neighbor and learning how to rent with roommates. Sometimes, it can be knowing how to keep your roommates (and yourself) happy.
If you work or study from your apartment, it’s essential to designate a workspace so the rest of your apartment can be your “relaxed space.” The greatest remote working challenge is not having the mental disconnect walking out of the office at the end of the day provides.
Additionally, if you have young kids (or have young visitors), it is imperative to child-proof your apartment to ensure their safety. Your wellness goes far beyond your cleaning habits; it’s how you organize, prepare, and communicate with others.

tips and tricks to pet proof your apartment

Tips and Tricks to Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Living with a pet can be a huge source of joy for so many people. They are always excited to see you, keep you active, Read More »
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washing your baseball hat withour ruining its shape

Washing Your Baseball Hat Without Ruining Its Shape

Everyone has their favorite hat; for many people, their favorite hat is a baseball-style hat. Whether you wear it every day, just on special occasions, Read More »
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Navigating an Issue With a Neighbor 2

Navigating an Issue With a Neighbor

Living in an apartment comes with an awesome feeling of community. You will get to enjoy meeting plenty of great, like-minded people. However, you can’t Read More »
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make a study spot in your apartment

Make a Spot to Study in Your Apartment

Nothing beats the freedom of living off campus, but the catch is you may be a bit further away from libraries and other buildings to Read More »
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Keep Spiders Out of Your Apartment 2

Keep Spiders Out of Your Apartment

There are spiders native to every state. Some of us love them, others fear them, either way, no one is welcoming them into their apartment. Read More »
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How to Keep Your Roommates Happy 2

How to Keep Your Roommates Happy

Living in the city normally means a higher cost of living. Most people choose to split an apartment with a roommate or two to keep Read More »
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How to Fight Your Apartments Drafts 2

How to Fight Your Apartment’s Drafts

The insulation in old buildings has worn away causing them to poorly retain heat and air conditioning. With age, the doors won’t sit on the Read More »
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How to Clean Your Cleaning Supplies 2

Cleaning Supplies Need to be Cleaned

People like to use the excuse, “cleaning supplies get cleaned when you clean,” but that simply isn’t true. Your cleaning supplies do not get cleaned Read More »
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Granite Cleaning 2

Granite Cleaning

Granite is gorgeous all on its own, and with the number of colors and patterns to choose from, it’s a perfect addition to any apartment. Read More »
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Free Your Apartment of Fruit Flies 2

Free Your Apartment of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies feed on sugary substances, and that is why they are most commonly found buzzing around your fruit dish and even alcohol. A fruit Read More »
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