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Take a look at our neighborhoods, and then check out our moving tips and FAQs to keep yourself organized.
Finding an apartment isn’t difficult when you know what you need and how your finances stand.
Before continuing your apartment hunting quest, take a moment to read about healthy living and living with children.

make the most of your power outlet and save money on your electric bill

Make the Most of Your Power Outlets and Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Have you ever thought about the most efficient way to use your power outlets? If not, you could end up spending extra money on things Read More »
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how much does it cost to break your lease

How Much Does It Cost To Break Your Lease?

Sometimes life happens, and you suddenly need to move out of your apartment. But what if life happens in the middle of your lease? The Read More »
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easy ways to reduce your apartment heating bill this winter

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Apartment Heating Bill This Winter

With Winter right around the corner, you may be dreading the increased costs associated with heating your apartment. Your first instinct when the cold weather Read More »
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7 pet friendly plants to add life to your apartment

7 Pet-Friendly Plants to Add Life to Your Apartment

Most everyone loves plants—some of us can’t get enough of them! Plants bring many benefits into your home, from their mood-boosting qualities to their air-purifying Read More »
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tips and tricks to pet proof your apartment

Tips and Tricks to Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Living with a pet can be a huge source of joy for so many people. They are always excited to see you, keep you active, Read More »
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dont forget about these expenses associated with having a pet

Don’t Forget About These Expenses Associated With Having A Pet

Having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, your pet will undoubtedly bring happiness Read More »
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what furniture do i need for my apartment

What Furniture Do I Need For My Apartment?

Are you moving to your very own apartment or possibly your first apartment? You will want to make sure that you have all the furniture Read More »
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turn your bathroom into a work of art with these decorating ideas

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Work of Art With These Decorating Ideas

You are probably very excited to start decorating your new apartment, but where do you begin? Should you decorate the living room first, so it Read More »
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the benefits of renting furniture for your apartment

The Benefits Of Renting Furniture For Your Apartment

Buying furniture can be one of the most expensive parts of moving into an apartment. After paying the first and last months’ rent and the Read More »
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renter friendly wall hanging techniques

Renter-Friendly Wall Hanging Techniques

Do you want to decorate your walls but don’t want to cause any damage? Fortunately, there are great ways to hang things on your walls Read More »
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