Apartment Living Tips and More

Decorating your apartment is one of the best parts about moving somewhere new! There are many ways to furnish a small space and maximize your apartment.
Sometimes decorating is practical, like adding soundproofing, changing the lighting, fighting drafts, or simply decluttering.

Read about our six decorating ideas that won’t damage your apartment and compromise the return of your security deposit.
With all these resources in your pocket, you’ll be decorating like a designer in no time.

how many lights go on my christmas tree

How Many Lights Go On My Christmas Tree?

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a definitive way to set the holiday mood in your apartment. You might see lots of stunning trees posted Read More »
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budget friendly holiday decorating ideas

Budget Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorating your apartment for the holiday season is something that many of us look forward to each year. Filling our homes with holiday cheer is Read More »
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what furniture do i need for my apartment

What Furniture Do I Need For My Apartment?

Are you moving to your very own apartment or possibly your first apartment? You will want to make sure that you have all the furniture Read More »
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turn your bathroom into a work of art with these decorating ideas

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Work of Art With These Decorating Ideas

You are probably very excited to start decorating your new apartment, but where do you begin? Should you decorate the living room first, so it Read More »
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the benefits of renting furniture for your apartment

The Benefits Of Renting Furniture For Your Apartment

Buying furniture can be one of the most expensive parts of moving into an apartment. After paying the first and last months’ rent and the Read More »
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renter friendly wall hanging techniques

Renter-Friendly Wall Hanging Techniques

Do you want to decorate your walls but don’t want to cause any damage? Fortunately, there are great ways to hang things on your walls Read More »
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easily dress up your room with these tips and tricks

Easily Dress Up Your Room with These Tips and Tricks

As the seasons change, you will probably spend more time hanging out inside your apartment. If you’ve been looking around wondering, “How can I make Read More »
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apartment decorating tips for a small space

Apartment Decorating Tips And Tricks for Limited Space

Decorating an apartment comes with different challenges than decorating a house. Often, apartments are smaller in space than a house and cannot be changed or Read More »
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what you shoul do when guests are on their way over

What You Should Do When Guests Are On Their Way Over

Did you just get a surprise call that people are coming over to your apartment? Or maybe it’s not a surprise visit, but you haven’t Read More »
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ways to make your apartment feel like home

Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into a new apartment home can be a very exciting experience! Whether it is your first apartment or you are an experienced renter, there Read More »
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