Avoid Storing These Things Under Your Bed

Avoid Storing These Things Under Your Bed

The space under your bed is one of the best storage spaces in your whole apartment. It’s out of sight and out of mind while remaining easily accessible when you need to retrieve something. Even though this is an excellent storage space, it does not work for storing everything. Check out these things you should avoid storing under your bed.

Loose Clothing

Under your bed is an excellent place to store old or out-of-season clothing, as long as it is in a sealed container. Don’t just throw your clothes under the bed as they can collect dust and dirt. If you want to store clothes under your bed, do so using a sealed container or vacuum-sealed bags.

Storage Boxes Without Wheels

In many cases, hard plastic storage boxes are the best container to use to store your things; they keep them clean and well protected. When it comes to under-bed storage, make sure your hard plastic storage containers have wheels. This will avoid causing damage to your floor from sliding the boxes in and out from under your bed.

Bulky Outerwear and Quilts

Storing your old jackets and extra quilts under your bed may seem like a great idea until you realize how much space they are going to take up. You should avoid storing these items under your bed to save you valuable space. If you must store these items under your bed, use vacuum-sealed bags to save a ton of space.

Suitcases with Nothing in Them

Empty suitcases should not be taking up your valuable under-bed storage space! Store these in the basement or other storage area, unless you fill them up with other things you need to store, then under the bed they go.

Frequently Used Items

Don’t store things under your bed that you will need all the time. Save your back the trouble and keep your most frequently used items somewhere more accessible.

Things You Might Forget About

Don’t store things under your bed that you are likely to forget about. You may not end up finding them until you rearrange your room or move to a new apartment. Also, if you are likely to forget about something, do you really need it? Or can you get rid of it in your next decluttering mission?

Things you Might Need Late At Night

This one is more of a courtesy to your neighbors, but you should avoid storing things you might need late at night under your bed. Moving storage boxes around late at night may be a bit annoying for your downstairs neighbors. Nobody wants to hear boxes sliding around above them in the middle of the night.

Making the Most of the Space Under Your Bed

Now that you know what to avoid storing under your bed go ahead and make the most of this valuable storage space! Using this space is invaluable when it comes to keeping your apartment clean and organized. If you want more space under your bed, you may also consider using risers to increase the height of your bed and give yourself even more storage space.



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