Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Are you a recent college grad looking to establish your home and career in Chicago? Then you’ve made a great choice because Forbes has named Chicago one of the best cities for educated Millennials. We are here to break down the must-haves for recent college grads in the Chicago area. Then we are going to dive into the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals.

So what are young professionals looking for in their ideal neighborhood? Here are four aspects to consider when relocating:

  1. Are there entry-level job openings in the area?
  2. What are the commute times from home to work?
  3. Will you be living among other young professionals?
  4. Can you follow your passion in this neighborhood?

Entry-level job openings

Landing your first job is a huge milestone for young professionals. Location is a major factor in accessing entry-level job openings. Your ideal location will depend upon the profession you are pursuing.

According to LinkedIn, hiring for theses jobs are on the rise in Chicago:

  • Loan and Mortgage
  • Healthcare
  • Workplace Diversity Experts
  • Education Professionals
  • Digital Content Creators

Commuting times

When considering the best Chicago neighborhood for young professionals, commute time is an important component. A long commute can drain you of both time and energy. In Chicago, you may commute via car or public transportation. If you work downtown you will also have to consider limited parking availability at high costs. Public transportation is a convenient option for many young professionals living in Chicago. Ideally, you can take a single train or bus to get to work from your home conveniently.

Living among other young professionals

Forming relationships with people who have common interests is important for young professionals. If you studied at a traditional college campus then you may have taken for granted how easy it is to meet people who share your goals. When choosing an area to call home after graduation it can be a huge benefit to live in a neighborhood where you can network.

Following your passion

Fostering a work life balance is key for young professionals at the beginning of their career. Make sure you choose to live in an area where you can follow your passion after work and on the weekends. You might be passionate about being a part of the foodie scene, intramural sports, the arts, theater or anything in between. Whatever your passion, make sure your neighborhood offers ample opportunities to do what you love.

Best Chicago neighborhoods

There are so many great neighborhoods in Chicago. Each neighborhood has its own vibe and flavor. If you are a young professional looking to plant some roots in Chicago then you should know about two neighborhoods in particular. The Lakeview and Evanston neighborhoods are both great locations for young professionals moving to Chicago.

Here are some reasons young professionals have found a happy home in both the Lakeview and Evanston areas.

Lincoln park chicago

Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood

Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is at the top of our list for young professionals. What makes Lakeview a great neighborhood in Chicago? Well, if you live in Lakeview, you’re just minutes from excitement.

Here’s how Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood stacks-up when contemplating the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals.

Commuting times:

Given that the business district of Chicago is generally downtown, there is a strong possibility that you will be commuting from Lakeview to the downtown area. Here is what you can expect for commute times:

  • 25 minute drive
  • 29 minutes via public transportation.

Living among other young professionals:

Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood has been at the top of young professionals list for many years. Since the area offers a variety of apartments that range from budget to luxury, the neighborhood is one you can grow into. A recent college grad can rent an affordable studio apartment. Then, as the young professionals’ career grows they are able to move into a larger home in the same area. You will likely encounter professionals at all stages of their career in the Lakeview neighborhood.

The ability to follow your passion:

Lakeview is a great neighborhood to follow your passion. Fun fact, Charlie Chaplin lived in Lakeview at the Brewster Apartments when he was filming his 1915 movies. Today, Lakeview is known for a variety of social clubs. Are you interested in theater? Lakeview has a number of playhouses. You can also join one of the numerous gyms in the neighborhood to keep fit and socialize with others who share your desire to be healthy.

Finding an apartment in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood

Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood has a lot to offer. You can find upscale apartments, condos, and lofts for rent in the Lakeview neighborhood. Lakeview properties are in high demand and tend to fly off the market quickly. If you find an apartment in Lakeview that you love, do not hesitate to schedule a tour. Chances are it will not be available for long.

Chicago apartments

Evanston Apartments

Evanston is a suburb that feels like the city. You will find Evanston bordering the northern tip of Chicago’s city limits. Evanston is known for its diverse population and socially liberal politics.

Let’s find out how Evanston measures-up as one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals.

Commuting times:

Not all college grads moving to Chicago will work downtown. In fact there are a number of business headquarters located throughout the suburbs of Chicago. Evanston is unique because you can easily take public transportation downtown while living in the suburbs. Here is what you can expect for commute times from Evanston to downtown:

  • 40 minute drive
  • 55 minutes via public transportation

Living among other young professionals:

Since Evanston is home to Northwestern University it is a college town at its core. Still, you do not feel like you are living in a college town because Evanston is also home to a number of large companies. This balance between career opportunities and the fun of college life attracts many young professionals to the area.

The ability to follow your passion:

There is no need to go all the way downtown to follow your passion when you live in Evanston. This is because Evanston has a cool downtown of its own. Check out “Central Street” for great places to eat, shop, grab a coffee or drink and attend local events. Did we mention you can go to the beach in Evanston? That’s right there are a number of lakefront beaches located in Evanston.

Finding an apartment in Evanston

There are several diverse homes in Evanston. Many Evanston apartments are in walking distance of the downtown area, lakeshore paths, and beaches. Evanston properties consist of remodeled vintage buildings, apartments, and single family homes. You will find that many Evanston apartments also offer beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

Great neighborhoods in Chicago

There are so many great neighborhoods in Chicago it can be hard to know what area to choose when relocating. Find the best neighborhood in Chicago for your next apartment with SRE Holdings.

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