Best Clubs in Chicago

Best Clubs in Chicago

Learn about the best clubs in Chicago. The hottest clubs and lounges aren’t far from our apartment communities.

Happy’s Bamboo Bar & Lounge

2247 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Sun-Wed Closed

Thur & Fri 9pm-4am

Sat 9 pm-5 am


Given the title as “Chicago’s best lounge, night club, and private event space” in Lincoln Park, Happy’s is the only place you’ll find that has more than one room to party in. Happy’s has three rooms, two public, one private, and they all have their own flare. Whether you’re looking to bust down on the dance floor, sit back and sip your drink, or have a meeting with a few of your personal VIPs, Happy’s is the place to be. The Bamboo Room is stocked with straw grass hanging from the ceiling and surfboards on the wall to create the perfect island getaway. The “Tiki vibes and tropical cocktails” are arguably a “house music lover’s paradise.” Once you’ve had your fill on the island vibes, make your way into The Back Room after midnight. Walking through a glowing hallway leads you into a room with ceilings over twenty feet high and a bumping system with live DJs each night. Here you can end the night out with three bars, two floors, and one huge dance floor. A plethora of bottles and specials make Happy’s a perfect place to host your private party.

Hydrate Nightclub

3458 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

Mon-Fri 8pm-4am

Sat 8pm-5am

Sun 2pm-4am


Hydrate got its start in 2003 during Pride Weekend. What started as a one-off weekend for the festival rapidly captured attention across the country and globe “for bringing the best DJ’s to Chicago and for its powerful sound and light experience.” Hydrate has a reputation as “Chicago’s premier destination for shows, music, dancing, and the best late-night party in the city.” Open seven days a week at eight o’clock at night, you can party until four in the morning every night and five on Saturdays. Take a look at the long list of DJs and events quickly approaching! Hydrate is an all-inclusive club valuing “security, openness, and zero tolerance.”


3730 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613

Mon-Wed Closed

Thur, Fri, & Sun 10pm-4am

Sat 10pm-5am



Smartbar’s prime location makes it easy for people of all abilities to come out and have a good time. A couple of blocks walk from Wrigley Field means public transportation is an easy connection for patrons to be able to party responsibly. The four hundred-person nightclub makes it possible for you to bring all your friends to your next private event, whether it’s all ages, eighteen up, or twenty-one and up. Inside the Northside Auditorium Building, Smartbar is located in one of Chicago’s most iconic structures making for a one-of-a-kind night out. Be sure to read up on Smartbar’s residents and take a peek at the upcoming events planned. If you aren’t able to make it out, don’t worry, you can bump Smartbar’s tunes on your own time and represent “Chicago’s independent nightclub celebrating 37 years” by copping some merch!


954 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657


Near the corner of Belmont and Sheffield Avenues, “Berlin is Chicago’s critically acclaimed, pan-cultural, late nite music & art club featuring an eclectic mix of alternative electronic music, live performance, and themed events.” Beginning in 1983, Berlin has been honored to serve the LGBTQ community for thirty-eight years “through music, laughter, dancing, and art.” Berlin can be found in reputable print such as USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Reader’s. Be sure to educate yourself on Berlin’s dress code and cover charge has it does vary on weekdays and weekends. Berlin is a part of the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) and Chicago Independent Venue League (CIVL), both of which have undergone tremendous work to keep venues and promoters alike from going bankrupt. To learn more and donate to the Save Our Stages Act, navigate to Join the email list to stay up to date with the latest news with one of Chicago’s greatest venues.

Flash Dance Club

2247 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Sun-Wed Closed

Thur & Fri 7pm-4am

Sat 7 pm-5 am


Celebrating their grand opening on June 25, 2021, “Flash Dance Club is Chicago’s newest and hottest dance club.” Inspired greatly by Andy Warhol, Flash is only open three nights a week with the concept of, “The idea of waiting for something, makes it more exciting.” – Andy Warhol. In the smack center of the Webster and Belden Avenue block of Lincoln Avenue, Flash has little to no rival. Enjoy EDM and disco while being “entranced all night long” by the “pop art images accompanied by flashing lights.” Flash’s goal is to take patrons back “to the disco era where the drinks were flowing and the dancing beats never stopped.” Sign up for Flash’s email list, reserve a table for you and your friends, or apply today!

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