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The Apartment Guide To Living With Plants

Plants are an easy way to accomplish several tasks at once. Not only are they excellent decorations, but plants take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis which means they purify the air in your apartment. Plants will have your apartment looking lovely and keep the air inside it fresh.
Another decorating bonus is plants are a painless apartment upgrade and won’t damage the walls of your apartment. No damage means you don’t have to worry about compromising your security deposit!
If you have trouble remembering to keep plants alive, that’s okay! That’s actually not the hardest part. While plants purify the surrounding air, not every household plant is technically “safe.”
Many common names, such as Lilies and English Ivy, aren’t actually the best if you have pets or children. English Ivy has been known to cause skin irritation and diarrhea, vomiting, and tremors if consumed. While not all lilies are toxic, cats are significantly affected by any exposure to a Lily.
It’s critical to understand what you’re bringing into your apartment. Whether you live with children or pets or if they’re a temporary guest, you need to ensure your apartment a safe, healthy living environment.
Some species even help create a healthy living environment. Rue, for example, is a great plant for your kitchen.
Rue is a shrub-like herb and gives off a strong scent fruit flies detest, which is the perfect deterrent to keep around a fruit bowl on your kitchen counter or dining table.
Learn more about plants, healthy living, and living with children in our blog articles.

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