Considerations for Climate-Controlled Storage

Considerations for Climate-Controlled Storage

You most likely have accumulated many belongings over the years. Many renters use climate-controlled storage units for items they don’t need on a regular basis.
As even the largest apartments only have so much space, this is a wise choice to prevent clutter piling up. Some communities provide climate-controlled storage as an amenity available to their tenants.
Other communities don’t, which means their tenants must figure out where they will keep their belongings on their own. Despite being, “climate-controlled,” storage units can get very hot during the summer and ruin your possessions.
Learn about the “dos and don’ts” of climate-controlled storage.

What Are You Putting in Storage?

You need to know and sort through which items will be able to tolerate storage and what items will get damaged in storage. While sorting your items, you will want to dispose of anything you no longer want so you can keep clutter to a minimum.
Most personal possessions won’t get harmed from storage, while other items should never be placed in storage. Below is a list of belongings that should not be put in storage.


Alcohol may taste better as it ages, but you will want to let it age in your apartment. The storage unit’s temperature will change drastically, which will cause your alcohol to go bad.
Wine enthusiasts should be sure to keep their aging bottles in a consistently cool place for the best aging. Hot air will make the cork expand and contract, which means air will get into the bottle ruining the wine, known as wine oxidation.


Temperature, humidity, and air pressure fluctuations can damage photos. Keep these in your apartment.
If you must store these in a storage unit, seek a storage unit that will keep the humidity low and will not allow for large temperature fluctuations.


All collectibles, most notably those made of metal, will wear over time due to oxidation. If you have to store coins, bikes, or other vintage and metal possessions, be sure to find a storage unit that is equipped with an air conditioner.
Air conditioning is not usually provided in storage units, so you may have to search high and low for a storage unit that does. If you can’t find a a storage unit with air conditioning, you may end up keeping these belongings in your apartment and storing other items away.

First Aid and Medical Supplies

Humidity ruins bandages and heat can actually make medicine useless. If your prescriptions may have been ruined by the temperature, consult your doctor immediately.
Likewise, in the event of an emergency, you don’t want to have to run to the storage unit for your first aid kit.

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