Easily Dress Up Your Room with These Tips and Tricks

Easily Dress Up Your Room with These Tips and Tricks

As the seasons change, you will probably spend more time hanging out inside your apartment. If you’ve been looking around wondering, “How can I make my apartment look nicer?” then we have a few easy tips and tricks to get you started! Here are a few things you can do to dress up any room in your apartment without spending much money.

Look for décor that you already have but might’ve forgotten about.

Check out the other rooms in your apartment and storage spaces like closets or under your bed for décor that you may have stored and then forgotten about before you buy anything new. Some things might not work at first, but once you repurpose them, you will find they are a perfect fit for your unique design scheme!

Ask friends and family if they have anything that you are specifically looking for.

If you are looking for something in particular, it is worth asking around friends and family. Even if the item you need is large, like a couch or recliner, one of your friends or family members might have one they are trying to get rid of, which would save you money and help them by taking it off their hands. You could even post on social media that you are looking for a specific item, and you might be surprised at how many people will have an extra one they are trying to get rid of.

Check out a flea market.

Flea markets are great places to find home décor and furniture for a great deal. You might also try going at the end of the day when the vendors are packing up and are more likely to give you a good deal. If you are in Milwaukee or surrounding cities, check out the 7 Mile Fair in Caledonia. They are open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. https://www.7milefair.com/

Get inspired by the great outdoors.

You can easily use things you find while hiking as decorations inside your apartment! Some cool things you can use to decorate include branches, unique rocks, seashells if you live by the water, pinecones, and flowers if they are in bloom. You can easily create a stunning centerpiece using flowers and branches or put the rocks and shells inside a jar for a unique piece that will work anywhere in your home!

Repurpose things you would otherwise throw away.

Think twice before throwing anything out! You may be able to give it new life with a little effort. The jar from your spaghetti sauce could easily be painted and turned into a small vase for the flowers you collect on your hike or the bucket from your protein powder can be painted with chalkboard paint and used as a storage container for crafting supplies.
Go treasure hunting at local garage sales.
Garage sales are an excellent place to discover unique items at a great price. Even though you might not find exactly what you are looking for, the perfect item might find you! Going to garage sales is a fun way to find great household décor at affordable prices and meet some local people from your area. You never know what will find you at a garage sale!

Use the power of smell.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and will help you transform any space in your apartment. You can take advantage of this by using scented candles or an oil diffuser to bring new scents into your space. One of the best things about using scents to enhance your home is that you can easily switch them out to create different moods or for different seasons.

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