Guide to Finding Apartments in Chicago

Guide to Finding Apartments in Chicago

Finding an apartment in Chicago is an exciting opportunity to establish your new home. This article will guide you through the apartment-hunting process to make sure you end up somewhere you love.

How to Pick an Apartment in Chicago

Moving to a new area is a big commitment. While you might be caught up in finding a new apartment with the perfect amenities and the best monthly rent price, the neighborhood you choose is another important factor you shouldn’t forget to consider.

The neighborhood of your next apartment plays a huge role in your rental experience. Not only do you have to consider the overall safety and security of a new neighborhood, but you also have to figure out whether the neighborhood offers the opportunities you’re looking for, the attractions and events you would want to attend, and the sense of community that would make you feel most at home.

You can find the perfect apartment, but if it’s not in a neighborhood that’s right for you, you’ll never feel quite right there. When you’re in the market for a new apartment, pay attention to the surrounding neighborhood. Chicago has 77 distinct neighborhoods that make it a great place to live, but with so many options, the task of narrowing down your top choices can be a little overwhelming.

Start asking questions about the neighborhoods that appeal to you. Does it have tasty-looking places to eat? Would you enjoy the nightlife here? Is it too quiet or too noisy? Does it have a reassuring safety record? Where would you be able to spend your free time? If you have a family, does the neighborhood seem family-friendly and like a good place to raise kids?

It’s a good idea to keep a running list of answers to these questions as you go about your apartment hunting. Write down the pros and cons of each surrounding neighborhood so that you can look back and get a sense of whether this neighborhood would be a good fit for you or not. This exercise will help you narrow down your new favorite home.

Where are the best Chicago neighborhoods?

So which neighborhoods are a good place to start in Chicago? The Windy City is full of great places to live where you can enjoy local entertainment opportunities, dining spots, and spaces for nature. Chicago’s communities range from cozy and quieter to popular and bustling, so you’ll be sure to find a neighborhood that suits you.

If you’re in the market for a new apartment in Chicago, this guide will help you find a home in some of the best Chicago communities. Here are some of Chicago’s top neighborhoods that are the most likely to make you feel right at home:

Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park neighborhood is home to a whole host of fun, family-friendly activities for those looking to get out and enjoy their new community. With big-name attractions like the Lincoln Park Zoo and North Avenue Beach, the Lincoln Park neighborhood is a popular hotspot for families, couples, and singles looking to make the most of their time living in Chicago. The neighborhood is a bustling community that runs up against Lake Michigan, which means you’ll get great lake views, scenic nature trails, and thriving nightlife.


The Lakeview community definitely lives up to its name. Lakeview offers legendary views of Lake Michigan, along with its exciting mix of cultures and nightlife opportunities. In Lakeview, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of fun entertainment options, including shopping, festivals, and theatre. You can find busy streets full of local boutiques, shops, and stores that make it a shopper’s haven. When you get hungry, the neighborhood also offers an impressive array of bars and restaurants that make it a great place to hang out during the weekend. With frequent arts and cultural events, including live music, comedy shows, street festivals, and theatre performances, you will never be bored in Lakeview.

Lincoln Square

The Lincoln Square neighborhood is known for its authentic German heritage that has lingered in the community ever since the original German immigrants made the neighborhood their new home. Now, you can enjoy a beer at one of the local pubs, grab a bite to eat at some of the top local German restaurants, or be entertained at one of the town’s exciting German cultural events. Not everything in the Lincoln Square neighborhood is German, though. You can find all sorts of other great features in the neighborhood, like a variety of nature parks, red brick buildings, and compelling public art displays.

Buena Park

Buena Park boasts a bustling community that many love to call home. For sports lovers, the neighborhood is right around the corner from Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs! Not to mention, Buena Park has a rich history of its own as a place on the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood still has a cozy, 20th-century feel that will make you feel at home right away. Those who want the older Chicago vibe will fall in love with Buena Park and will enjoy its parks, beaches, and spots to grab a slice of every Chicagoan’s favorite: deep-dish pizza. Buena Park offers a great community for those looking for a friendly, historic place to live.

Each neighborhood has an exciting array of opportunities and amenities. Ultimately, though, with over 77 neighborhoods, it’s important to find the Chicago neighborhood that best matches your personality and what you’re looking for in an ideal community.

Finding your next apartment in Chicago

Ready to take the plunge into finding your new favorite apartment? We at SRE Holdings are committed to helping you find your next apartment to rent in Chicago. Many others have trusted us to help them find their new home and ended up satisfied and excited about their new apartment.

We have a variety of open units in some of Chicago’s top neighborhoods. Check out our availability and contact us to learn where your next apartment might be!

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