Keep Robbers Away

Keep Robbers Away

You need to keep your apartment secure, whether you’re away for a few minutes or a few weeks. Your entire life is held within the walls of your apartment, you need to take the right measures in order to keep it safe. Don’t allow your apartment to be a quick-lick; use these tips to keep your belongings safe and give the appearance of being home when you are not.

Keep the Appearance of an Occupied Apartment

The best way to prevent a theft is to make sure your apartment appears to be occupied. Most burglars aren’t interested in catching a murder charge, and if your apartment appears to be occupied, they’ll keep moving to one that doesn’t. It isn’t economical to keep all your lights on every hour of every day, but it is necessary to leave a few lights when you leave so your apartment doesn’t appear empty. Do not develop the habit of leaving the same light on, as burglars will take notice and know when you are away. Light timers are an excellent tool to switch up what lights turn on and off to assist the appearance of being around. If you can’t afford to pay a family member or friend to check in on your apartment every day, contact the post office and have them hold your mail so it doesn’t pile up in your mailbox or at the front door. Days of mail in your mailbox or on your front porch is a dead-giveaway to thieves that no one is around!

Unconventional Hiding Places

You can’t be too safe these days. Should anyone break in while you’re away, make sure your valuables are hidden and not in obvious places. A fake wall is a great way to hide large objects, while hollowed out candles or books work well for smaller possessions. Childhood trophies normally have holes underneath for small objects to be hidden in, otherwise you could always store things inside food boxes in your kitchen cabinet, inside an air vent, or under the fitted sheet on your bed. Should a thief rip apart your apartment while you’re gone, hopefully they don’t think to dump out the food boxes or strip your bedding.

Invest in a Safe

Buying a safe, especially a fire-proof safe, is the best way to rest assured your valuables will not be stolen or damaged. The only downside to a safe is robbers know exactly where all your valuables are and will work to break into the safe. Your safe should be kept secret from children and roommates, perhaps inside a closet or cabinet with a blanket, sleeping bag, or clothes draped over it to keep it concealed. If you have a separate bathroom attached to your bedroom, it may not be a bad idea to keep it below the bathroom sink.

Dummy-Check Before Leaving

Always make sure you locked every door and shut each window prior to leaving. Start from the back of your apartment and make your way through each room, ensuring you secured every possible entrance. Whether it’s day or night, you can’t protect when someone will try to break in, so keep your guard up and your apartment protected.

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