What is it Like to Live in Evanston?

What is it Like to Live in Evanston?

If you want to reap the rewards of spending time in Chicago without living there, Evanston is the place for you. Just 13 miles north of Downtown Chicago via the Purple line, Evanston offers a great way to live both a suburban lifestyle in a small urban area. But, what is it actually like to live in Evanston?

In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth look at what life can look like in beautiful Evanston by taking a look at this quaint city’s beaches, breweries, and downtown.

Things To Do in Evanston

The city of Evanston is situated between Chicago to the South, Skokie to the West, and Wilmette to the North. While it’s not technically located in the city of Chicago, a lot of the Windy City’s amenities can actually be found in Evanston.

Evanston is also home to Northwestern University, so not only is Evanston a suburb and a city, it’s also a college town as well. This northern city suburb offers a lot of fun things to do, so if you’re considering moving here, let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Evanston.

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Downtown Evanston

A big worry for Chicago natives when moving to Evanston is that they’ll miss the bustle of Chicago. Well, think again. Downtown Evanston offers everything from festivals, trendy restaurants, movie theaters, and even farmers markets!

Downtownevanston.org is a website dedicated to giving residents and visitors all the information of upcoming events, restaurants, and attractions. Some of the best things you can find downtown include:

  • Amaranth Rare Bookstore
  • Evanston Winter Games
  • Music Institute of Chicago
  • Pilates Connection
  • One River School of Art and Design

Northwestern University

If you’re a big fan of college athletics, then you’ll love living close to a Big Ten school. The Northwestern University Wildcats can be found playing at the Ryan Field stadium in North Evanston.

If you’re not a fan of sports, don’t worry. Northwestern University is also home to the Block Museum of Art which is a great free public art museum located on the university and is a great, family-friendly place to discover student and local art.

Living next to a college campus might seem daunting if you’re not used to city campuses, but Northwestern is actually a fantastic place to live around if you’re looking for fun events. The campus always hosts annual indoor and outdoor activities for both students and members of the Evanston community. These can include:

  • Continuing education classes
  • Performing Arts
  • Notable Lectures
  • Virtual exercise classes


Before Evanston was full of fantastic, local brewery options, the city was actually a dry town until 1972. According to The Daily Northwestern, Evanston wanted to separate itself from the harsh bustle of the city which included the complete separation from alcohol.

However, since becoming a wet city, Evanston has transformed the local drinking scene by playing off of its once sober past. Here’s a list of the best breweries in Evanston:

Dearborn Observatory

Another great part about living so close to Northwestern University is getting to utilize a lot of their learning tool for free. Every Friday, The Dearborn Observatory opens to the public, so there’s no need to head all the way to downtown Chicago’s Planetarium in order to see the stars!

Grosse Point Lighthouse

There’s no better way to learn about the history of a town than to visit national landmarks. This lighthouse, added to the National Register of Historic Landmarks in 1976, was built in order to help prevent further shipping disasters.

The public is encouraged to tour this landmark during Summer weekends making it a great way to spend an afternoon with family and friends. 

S.P.A.C.E Concert Hall

If you love local, eclectic music on a Saturday afternoon is Summer, then look no further. Evanston’s SPACE concert hall is one of the city’s most unique attractions offering an up-close-and-personal view of artists both local and beyond.

If you’re hungry after a show, SPACE also shares a dining room with Union Pizzeria, one of Evanston’s great local pizza places.

Charles G. Dawes House

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Evanston, you may not already know that it was home to Calvin Coolidge’s Vice President, Charles G. Dawes from 1909 until his death. The lakefront mansion now acts as a historic museum for the Evanston History Center. Along with the Grosse Point Lighthouse, it was also made a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

Evanston Beaches

The best part about living in Evanston is that the city is directly on Lake Michigan. During Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can experience Evanston’s amazing beaches. Once you see an Evanston beach, you’ll want to immediately locate to one of the city’s beachfront properties. Here is a list of 7 amazing Evanston beaches.

  • Lighthouse Beach
  • Lincoln Street Beach
  • Clark Street Beach
  • Dog Beach
  • Greenwood Street Beach
  • Lee Street Beach
  • South Boulevard Beach

Evanston Restaurants

Evanston is well known for its diverse cuisines and the best part? They can be found anywhere in the city! Chicago is, of course, a hub for some of the best restaurants in the world, but generally they can only be found in specific neighborhoods. Evanston has a great dining option anywhere you go! Let’s take a look at the best restaurants in Evanston.

Bennison’s Bakery

If you’re a dessert lover, Bennison’s Bakery is a must. This iconic local spot has been offering both American and European style pastries and treats since 1938. Any Evanston local will tell you that Bennison’s is the place to be on a Sunday morning.

Buffalo Joe’s

This Evanston classic is well known for its wings. There’s no surprise to this restaurant, it’s as straightforward as it gets. Burgers? Got them. Wings? Got them? Chicken sandwiches? Got them too!

Blind Faith Cafe

Every city or town needs a great vegetarian and vegan restaurant that serves more than salads. Blind Faith Cafe is Evanston’s answer to this. From sandwiches, to omelets and pies, there’s nothing boring about being a veggie lover when you’re at Blind Faith Cafe.

The Peckish Pig

Our last Evanston recommendation is none other than the Peckish Pig. This brewery/cocktail bar/brunch pub combines everything you’d ever want in a weekend night out and morning.

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