What You Need to Know about Rogers Park and Edgewater Apartments

What You Need to Know about Rogers Park and Edgewater Apartments

What You Need to Know about Rogers Park and Edgewater Apartments

Rogers Park and Edgewater apartments are located in charming neighborhoods on the far north side of Chicago. This article will walk you through some of the key features of these neighborhoods and what you can expect from the local communities.

Exciting features of Rogers Park and Edgewater apartments  

Apartment searching can be a headache when you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a new community. With the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods, though, you can look forward to a wide range of amenities and perks. Here are some of the top features of living in Rogers Park or Edgewater apartments:


While the cost of living in downtown Chicago may not fit in your budget, Rogers Park and Edgewater are much more affordable neighborhoods with a variety of spacious apartments. In Rogers Park and Edgewater, you can enjoy the calming atmosphere of the lake and a cozy intellectual town without having to exceed your budget.

Historical value

Rogers Park and Edgewater have a rich history of development and immigration. Initially settled in the early 19th century by land developer Phillip Rogers, Rogers Park has transformed over the years into a haven for immigrants from all over the world and for creative young professionals from the neighboring university. Much of the architecture, however, still showcases a 20th century redbrick aesthetic, giving the neighborhoods a charming, historical feel. 

Public transit

You don’t have to be in the city to get access to reliable public transit. The Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods offer an impressive array of public transportation options depending on where you need to go. Accessible bus lines and rail lines travel from these neighborhoods to downtown Chicago, giving you an easy way to get into the city. Lake Shore Drive is also a quick way for people to move along the lakeshore for those who travel by car.

Child-friendly community

If you’re thinking about settling down and starting a family or moving as a family into a new area, then you’ll be happy to hear that Rogers Park and Edgewater are wonderful communities for families. The neighborhoods are composed of many single-family homes. And with a growing selection of public, private, and charter schools, parents have plenty of options for their children’s education. Public safety is another key priority. Local police are responsive, and the community plays an active role in discouraging crime, ensuring that Rogers Park and Edgewater are family-friendly neighborhoods.

Cultural diversity

Much like the city itself, the residents of Rogers Park and Edgewater come from diverse backgrounds. The neighborhoods are home to a mix of families, college students, and retired seniors, and many residents are second- and third-generation immigrants—offering a wealth of cultural diversity. You will be able to sample a variety of authentic cuisines, and in public spaces like parks and beaches, you will be likely to hear different languages. Rogers Park and Edgewater are ideal for those looking for a diverse, vibrant community.

In the market for an apartment not too far from downtown Chicago? You’re in luck! SRE Holdings offers several charming apartment options at 6341-43 N Wayne Avenue in the Edgewater neighborhood.

Top sites in the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhood

Rogers Park and Edgewater are two neighborhoods nestled against the shore of Lake Michigan about 9 miles north of downtown Chicago. While the city of Chicago comes with the bustle of urban life, Rogers Park and Edgewater are quieter towns that offer a slower-paced style of living at the lakefront.

Loyola University at Chicago

Rogers Park and Edgewater give off the feel of a college town since they are located so close to the Loyola University campus, a large Jesuit Catholic institution on the east side of town. Within the intellectual atmosphere, you can enjoy strolls around the green of campus or along the neighboring lakeshore. With such a nearby university, many residents are recent college graduates and young professionals starting out their lives, rapidly making these neighborhoods up-and-coming towns.

Beaches at the lakeshore

Rogers Park and Edgewater are home to a number of picturesque lakeshore beaches right on the east side of the neighborhood. Thanks to the bit of distance from the city, you don’t have to worry about overly crowded beaches—especially on the shores of Hartigan Beach Park, a local beachfront near Loyola University. Rogers Park and Edgewater are great neighborhoods to relax by the lake.

Restaurants and shops along Devon Avenue

Devon Avenue is a busy main drag that runs east to west through Chicago and a handful of its surrounding neighborhoods. Originally a destination for many different immigrant populations, Devon Avenue now boasts a diverse community with a range of restaurants with foods from all different corners of the world. Enjoy a different authentic meal every day of the week—including Thai, Japanese, Ethiopian, and Peruvian, just to name a few.

Havens for creative folks

While many creatives flock to big cities, Rogers Park and Edgewater offer an impressive selection of creative spaces for those who are looking for artistic outlets. Over 14,000 square feet of murals cover the length of a wall along Glenwood Avenue. Catch a film in one of the cozy New 400 Cinemas. Coffee houses and cafés are scattered throughout the community, making it an excellent spot for writing and long discussions. Not to mention local concert venues, bookshops, and bars that make Rogers Park and Edgewater great places to live!

Finding the best Rogers Park or Edgewater apartment for you with SRE Holdings

When it comes to choosing your future neighborhood, you likely have quite a few different factors in mind. Luckily, SRE Holdings is ready to work with you to find the apartment that best matches what you’re looking for. The Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods offer a range of exciting sites and amenities that make them great places to start your new home.

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