5 Tips for Buying Furniture for a Small Space

5 Tips for Buying Furniture for a Small Space

How to Buy Furniture for Your Apartment

Trying to furnish with space limitations is a common dilemma almost every tenant faces. You don’t want to have an apartment crammed with oversized furniture, but you want to make sure your apartment isn’t empty and barely livable. Below are 5 tips for buying furniture for a small space.

Hidden Storage

The trick to furnishing your apartment is finding pieces with storage built-in or “hidden” and “secret” compartments. It’s easy to find furniture that has a hollowed out section or additional storage space, and every little spot that can house your belongings will go make a huge impact with how your apartment appears and stay organized. Common pieces of furniture with built-in storage would be bed frames with built-in drawers or lofted bed frames to store containers under, hollow tables and ottomans that have storage space inside, even coffee tables and television stands with numerous shelves. You can even find rocking chairs with shelves to store common-place items such as remotes and controllers for easy access.

Simple Furniture

Maximize your space with simple pieces of furniture that don’t take up too much space. Before you purchase any piece of furniture, it is necessary to know how much space you have to work with. When you do go looking for furniture, have your apartments’ measurements written down so you can find pieces that will compliment your apartment space. Nothing’s worse than buying something only to realize it won’t fit inside your apartment. You must also decide what pieces of furniture you want to be big and comfortable and what items of furniture will be fine as small and low profile. Consider finding a piece of furniture to serve as your focal point and keep furnishing from there.

Less is More

You most likely don’t need a couch that can seat three people with four chairs in your apartment, that’s overkill and will take up way too much space. Consider buying a two-person loveseat sofa and maybe a couple low profile chairs that can be moved easily when not in use.  Each piece of furniture you consider buying at the store needs to be analyzed for its purpose in your apartment. You should never purchase furniture just because it “looks good.” Furniture should be bought because you know exactly where you’re going to put it and the purpose it is going to serve.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Consider purchasing a pull-out couch or trundle bed so you have a place for guests to sleep on when they visit. If you can’t find furniture with extra storage space (as previously mentioned), look for furniture that has more than one purpose. Dual-purpose furniture could be an end table that can fold up against the wall, or a gaming chair with a USB or charging port.

Buy Practical Furniture

Extravagant and outrageous furniture is cool until you want to just sit in it, and then you realize it just takes up space. Every piece of furniture needs to serve a purpose. Think about all the aspects already mentioned, such as low profile, dual-purpose, and multi-purpose furniture. Likewise, furniture with built-in storage can be placed methodically to help maximize your apartment space. Take it a step further, and use the right furniture pieces for the right spot. For example, you could use low-profile stackable bar stools in your kitchen to save space when you aren’t using them. Then, you could have a gaming chair with a USB port in your living room so you can charge your phone while you watch a movie or play video games. Next, you can buy a trundle bed so you have a nice spot for your guests to sleep when they visit you.

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