Best Apartments in Evanston

Best Apartments in Evanston

Best Apartments in Evanston

Chicago is a great, culturally vast city that offers many amenities, but not too far north is another great, smaller city that gives the Windy City a run for its money. Evanston, nicknamed “The City of Churches” in the early 20th century, is a smaller Cook County city located right on Lake Michigan that gives the feel of a trendy, populated city with the separation and suburban feel of a smaller, northern town. When looking for an apartment in a bustling, highly sought after area like Evanston, It can be tricky not knowing where to look if you’re either from Chicago or just not from the area. In this article, we will break down for you the opens in a new windowbenefits of living in Evanston, fun amenities, and how much rent will cost you. 

Benefits of Living in Evanston

There are a lot of benefits to living in a smaller city like Evanston. The city is known for being the location of Northwestern University, having a surplus of trendy, up-and-coming restaurants, and its many historical buildings and churches. Evanston is great for its ability to provide a comfortable living for multiple generations of people; Baby boomers enjoy the quieter, smaller city feel and millennials enjoy the trendy nightlife and popular social amenities within the city. With all of these popular factors making Evanston a popular place to rent an apartment, it’s good to know what else is available. Let’s take another look at other popular amenities that attract people to this neighborhood city: 

  • Commute to Chicago– Via the purple line on the Chicago “L” system and short distance to Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, residents of Evanston can still easily commute to the city or visit. 
  • Food Spots– With Evanston garnering the reputation of being a trendy city, food has become a popular reason to live in the city. Restaurants and farmers markets are regarded highly and offer a Chicago feel to a small, suburban city. 
  • Historical Significance– Evanston is rich in history with its historic society praising buildings, churches, schools, and cottages attracting residents that enjoy an authentic, historic feel. 
  • Lake Michigan– Evanston is located in between Chicago, Wilmette, and Skokie with Lake Michigan to its East. The proximity has become a great advertisement for Evanston giving it a reputation for being a luxurious, beachfront location. 
  • Public Schools– One of the more motivating factors in renting or living in Evanston is the benefit of residing in an area with a great public school system. opens in a new windowEvanston’s public school system rankings are among the top public schools in the state with Evanston Township Highschool having an overall ranking of #27 in Illinois.  
  • Northwestern University– Including all of the academic and social public programs available, Northwestern university is also a great place to be around if you’re a sports fan! Being so close to this top ranked school is incredibly beneficial. 

Fun Amenities In Evanston

When looking for an apartment in any city or town, it’s important to know what activities are available. Since Evanston is the perfect combination of both a city and a suburb, it encompasses all the positives these two places have to offer. As we have mentioned before, Northwestern University not only offers academic activities, but Ryan Field which belongs to its school’s sport’s team. If you’re not a sports fan, don’t worry. Aside from Northwestern University, let’s take a look at other amenities this small city offers! 


The beauty of parks, much like Evanston, is that they are appealing to every generation. A great reason to move to Evanston is because of these well-known, popular attractions. Parks like: Lovelace, Dobson-Brummel, and Dawes offer community, space, and exercise for young families. 


A city like Evanston has so much to offer when it comes to social events, activities, and touristy landmarks. There’s an activity for every age group making Evanston a great place to rent. A few of these amenities include:

  • Museums– A few popular museums in Evanston include: The Block Museum of Art, Halim Time and Glass Museum, and the Mitchell Museum of the Indian. 
  • Bars– Evanston’s nightlife is nearly as good as any neighborhood in Chicago. It is home to a couple great brewing companies like Sketchbook Brewing Co. that offer the same feel as Chicago. 
  • Beach- A reason Evanston is such a sought after city is its close proximity to Lake Michigan beach. This offers a ton of amenities like the Grosse Point Lighthouse which is considered a historic sight in Evanston.
  • Concert– A concert hall with close proximity to the beach is Space, Evanston’s most popular venue. This hall is used for both theaters and concerts and is a small, quaint venue. 

How Much is Rent in Evanston?

Evanston combines the best qualities of both Chicago and a suburban neighborhood which makes it an ideal and highly sought after place to live. Because of this, the price for rent can be pretty high. According to Rent Cafe, the average rent for an apartment in Evanston is $1,953. It will depend on where in Evanston you are looking to rent, but generally you will find that closer to the beach you go, the more expensive, but more luxurious the apartments and amenities will be. When looking for an apartment, it’s imperative to know the important questions to ask like location. 

Beachfront Properties in Evanston 

Beachfront properties are the ideal apartments to rent. The views, amenities, and location make it an incredible place to live. At SRE Holdings, we want to make this dream a reality. Check out our fantastic beachfront Evanston apartment unit at 493 Sheridan Rd & 524, 528, 530, 534 & 550 Sheridan Square.

How SRE Holdings Can Help! 

Whether you are from Chicago or Evanston, SRE Holdings is here to help you with your apartment search. We believe that finding an apartment should be a stress-free process that delivers you only the best apartments so you can live comfortably in your dream home. As well as Chicago, we know and love Evanston as well, so we feel confident in our ability to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in this homey, trendy city. Contact us today with your questions or to fill out an application for one of our many properties!

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