Clean Your Light Fixtures

Clean Your Light Fixtures

It is important to maintain your lights and light fixtures cleanliness to have the best light in your apartment. As with everything in life, safety first. Never try to immediately clean a lightbulb or light fixture that has been on for any duration of time, always allow it to completely cool before cleaning. You will need to go to the fuse box and shut off the power to the room before your start reaching at lightbulbs and light fixtures.

Clean Everything

Since you are taking the time to clean your light fixtures, you might as well clean the lightbulbs as you are already halfway there. Light bulbs should be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth and nothing else. Wearing gloves to prevent finger smudges is an excellent idea. All you have to do is unscrew the lightbulb and wipe it.


Dust light fixtures often to keep them looking marvelous and decrease cleaning time. Large amounts of dust is a fire hazard, so be sure to incorporate the dusting of your light fixtures into your standard cleaning regimen.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures need glass cleaner, a microfiber cloth or paper towels, and a ladder. Some light fixtures will need to be taken apart to clean. Any glass dome encasing a light should be removed and cleaned with glass cleaner. Most glass domes are held in place by a screw, so be sure you have the right screwdriver. Standard dusting and bulb cleaning will work best for recessed lighting. If you have a chandelier, you can choose if you will take it apart or not to clean it. Should you take your chandelier apart to clean it, shoot plenty of photos to refer back to how to put it back together. You will need a ladder if you decide not to take your chandelier apart, and you will be spending a decent amount of time on it. Each crystal will have to be cleaned one at a time with glass cleaner.

Clean Frequently

Lighting sets the mood for every room, so keep your lightbulbs and fixtures clean so they continue to work properly. Light fixtures are a hot spot for dust and cobwebs which will degrade a room’s light condition. Routinely dust and clean your light fixtures to maintain peak lighting performance within your entire apartment.

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