Cleaning Supplies Need to be Cleaned

Cleaning Supplies Need to be Cleaned

People like to use the excuse, “cleaning supplies get cleaned when you clean,” but that simply isn’t true. Your cleaning supplies do not get cleaned when you clean, rather, they get dirty, requiring a cleaning to be able to clean properly. Take a look at your cleaning supplies and decide for yourself if you need to give them a good cleaning.

Clean the Vacuum

No matter what type of vacuum you own, a canister, upright, or handheld, it needs to be cleaned regularly to keep working as it is supposed to. You will need hot water and dish soap to clean your vacuum. Begin by emptying the dirt bag or cup, and then soak the cup, if your vacuum has it, in the hot soapy water. The brush roll is most likely tangled in hair, so take a scissors and cut away all the hair that has tightly wound around it. The hoses and any attachments can also be soaked in the hot soapy water and while everything is taken apart, it would be a good idea to put a new filter on.

Mop Head

Don’t work too hard for this one, let the washer clean it. You may need to buy heavy-duty laundry detergent, but aside from that you just have to put the washer on the hottest cycle it has. To conserve water, wash the mop head with rugs, rags, or even old towels.


Find a concrete step, curb, or any edge to run the bristles over. This will remove any debris that is stuck. You can use the same bucket of hot soapy water you cleaned your vacuum in to clean the broom, as long as the water isn’t too dirty. Whisk the broom around in the bucket of hot soapy water, run the bristles over the concrete edge again, and let the broom drip-dry with the bristles down.

Sponges and Brushes

Use hot water, bleach, and a bucket or sink to thoroughly clean your sponges and brushes. Most people don’t realize they should rinse their sponge with hot water and leave it upright to dry after every use. For a thorough clean, add one-half cup bleach to one-gallon of hot water and allow the brushes and sponges to sit for approximately ten minutes.


A reusable duster should be cleaned immediately after each use to maintain maximum effectiveness. A duster can be cleaned with a large bucket or sink, dish soap, and warm water. Once you finished dusting, step outside and shake it vigorously. In a sink or bucket, add dish sop to warm water, twirl the duster around for a few minutes, squeeze it out, and hang to dry.

Disinfect Cleaning Bucket

The best way to shoot yourself in the foot is to have a dirty cleaning bucket. As you clean, dust and dirt will accumulate in the bucket, which needs to be cleaned out if you are to effectively continue cleaning. The best way to wash out the cleaning bucket is with hot water, a disinfectant, and a sponge. Spray the disinfectant throughout the inside of the cleaning bucket, allow the disinfectant to break down the grime for ten minutes, and then use the sponge to wipe out the bucket. Rinse any remaining debris with warm water.

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