Granite Cleaning

Granite Cleaning

Granite is gorgeous all on its own, and with the number of colors and patterns to choose from, it’s a perfect addition to any apartment. Due to its versatility and appeal, many luxury apartments equip their units with granite in their kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is an excellent way to enhance the monetary worth of any space. Granite is resilient, and when you maintain it properly, it will continue to shine for even longer. Use the correct cleaning supplies to keep your granite at its best!

How Often Should Granite be Cleaned?

Like most surfaces, it all depends on how frequently your granite is getting touched or used. If you have granite in your kitchen, you should wipe it down after each use. In the unlikely event you don’t use your kitchen counter one day, you should at least wipe it done once. All bathroom granite needs to be cleaned at least once a week when you clean the entirety of your bathroom. Granite floors need to be swept daily and wet mopped at a minimum once each week with a cleaning solution. If you happen to have a granite mantle, dusting once each week will suffice.

What is Used to Clean Granite?

For everyday granite cleaning, all you need is dish soap and a microfiber cloth. For more extensive granite cleaning, you will need a small bowl, dust mop, wet-mop, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, plastic wrap, tape, vegetable oil, and paper towels.

Everyday Granite Cleaning

Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom counter, the easiest way to clean granite is to wipe it down throughout the day. The best thing you can do is to clean up messes as quick as possible. Be mindful of spilling juices and other acidic liquids, as acid will eat away at the finish and degrade the granite. Everyday granite maintenance only needs warm water and dish soap. You can put the combination into a spray bottle and disperse it on granite surfaces, using a microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution. For granite floors, sweep or dust-mop every day to prevent dirt and pebbles from scratching your glorious granite.

Keep Grease From Staining Granite

It is important to clean your granite each day to keep its shine, however you will eventually get grease on it and no one wants to see stains. Fortunately, grease can be remedied by creating a solution of equal parts rubbing alcohol to water in a spray bottle and showering it over the grease stain. Allow the solution to work at the grease for a few minutes before you wipe it up with a microfiber cloth. For stubborn stains, mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide into a paste-like consistency. Spread the paste, about one-quarter of an inch thick, over the entirety of the stain. Tightly seal the paste with plastic wrap and leave it alone for twenty four hours. The plastic wrap will prevent the paste from drying out and will successfully remove the stain. After twenty four hours, you can take the plastic wrap off the paste. Now is when you want to let the paste dry up. Once the paste is dry, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe it up. If you notice you’re losing the shine in your granite counter tops but don’t want to pay to have it resealed, a couple drops of vegetable oil on a microfiber cloth can be used to polish the granite. Never use oil on granite floors as this is a slipping hazard.

Other Methods of Maintaining Granite

Never cut directly on granite, always use a cutting board. Use hot pads for both hot and cold food items on granite counter tops to prevent rapid temperature changes. Slow cookers particularly subject granite to heat for hours at a time, which can damage your countertop. Never sit or stand on a granite countertop as too much weight will make the granite split under the pressure.

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