Great Chicago Apartments

Great Chicago Apartments

Great Chicago Apartments

As you’re doing your apartment searching, have you ever looked into the apartments without giving any heed to the neighborhood around the apartment? If so, after moving in, you might have realized it would’ve been a good idea to find out what type of neighborhood you now live in. Maybe you discovered you live a distance from the nearest shopping center and don’t own a car. Or you don’t feel safe at night. When choosing your new apartment, paying attention to the surrounding neighborhood is critical to ensure a great living experience. If you don’t like the neighborhood around your living quarters, chances are you won’t like your apartment. Within the city of Chicago, there are several apartment complexes to look into when choosing your next apartment. 

Lincoln Square Apartments

Lincoln Square apartments provide a wide range of apartment sizes, such as studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom, at various prices. Lincoln square also provides condos and townhouses if you would prefer or need a larger living space. The Lincoln Square apartments are also in a community with both family homes and apartments, so if you want a mix of both, this apartment neighborhood is certainly one to look into.

Looking for an apartment in the city that still feels homey? This Chicago apartment complex is named after Abraham Licoln, the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln Square also sits on a one-way street that is traffic-controlled that gives it a small town feel. 

Do you enjoy city celebrations and social activities? Lincoln Square is located at the heart of Chicago’s annual Oktoberfest. If you’re looking for something to do in autumn, consider being a part of this Chicago celebration.  

If you have kids, and would like to be near schools, there are several elementary and high schools in the area. 

Owning a pet also isn’t a problem in Lincoln Square apartments. Many of the apartments are okay with pets around..

Is transportation an issue for you? Not to worry. Lincoln Square apartments are located near a CTA ‘L’ Brown line stop, where Western and Lincoln Ave meet. This bus is easily accessible for your convenience. If you’re not much of a bus rider, the Lincoln Square neighborhood also has miles of bike friendly streets. If you own a car, Lincoln Square also provides parking. 

DePaul Apartments

Whether you’re a student at DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus, a professional, or a family with children, this neighborhood is a perfect Chicago neighborhood for you. Because of the range of different community members, with both college students and young children, it creates a great neighborhood feeling. The DePaul apartments can be a home to the university students all year round. 

These apartments are centered around the DePaul University campus, near the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Halsted Street, which makes it ideal for students who want to live off-campus, or those who work at or near DePaul University. 

Are you interested in community events and venues? The DePaul Art Museum has a great neighborhood art gallery for community members to visit. They frequently showcase work from both DePaul University members and renowned artists from around the world. If you’re looking to brush up on your history or culture, make time to visit the art museum.   

Especially if you’re a student, you don’t need to have a car to live in an apartment near DePaul University. The neighborhood offers Fullerton station, which is a transfer point between several of the lines, such as the CTA Red, Brown, and Purple lines. You’re able to get off at the university campus. 

So whether you’re looking for a cheaper college apartment, or you’re beginning your family, the DePaul apartments and neighborhood is something to look into.

Lakeview Apartments

Lakeview Chicago apartments offer a variety of apartment sizes and shape, and price. 

The Lakeview neighborhood offers a range of activities for those who are looking to get out. These include music clubs, fitness centers, baseball, diners, and nightlife. Finding entertainment isn’t an issue in this Chicago neighborhood. 

If you’re interested in doing a little bit of exploring, the apartments in Lakeview Chicago are a great choice. They are relatively close to Wrigley Field, the neighborhood’s most famous landmark. Wrigley Field is America’s second oldest baseball stadium. It is one of the many places to visit if you live in Lakeview Chicago. The field can be found at the corner of Addison and Clark. You can also hear the excitement of the park during game days. Wrigley Field is only one exciting factor that Lakeview has to offer its residents. 

In Lakeview Chicago, transportation isn’t an issue. The CTA bus routes operate in the neighborhood. The “L” Red and Brown line trains have stops throughout Lakeview as well. Whether you prefer walking, riding your bike, using public transportation, or driving your own car, Lakeview Chicago has you covered. If you’re looking for a safe area where transportation isn’t an issue, apartments in Lakeview are a great option. Everything you need is in walking distance. 

If you’re not a baseball fan, and would rather be around the arts, the Lakeview neighborhood offers the Vic, which is an old school theater in the area. The Vic is a great place for concerts. It also offers more than concerts. They have weekly classic movie screenings, which draw a crowd. So if you have nothing to do, consider coming and watching a movie.

SRE Holdings 

If you need extra guidance choosing the right Chicago neighborhood to live in as you search for our next apartment, SRE Holdings can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We are a professional real estate management firm that can help answer any questions or concerns you might have. We have SRE representatives who are always available.  

Our goal is for you to be happy in your apartment, which includes feeling secure in your surrounding apartment neighborhood. Reach out to us today, and we can show you the best apartment neighborhoods that are right for you, whether that includes Lincoln Park, DePaul, or Lakeview. We ensure that you’ll be happy in your new apartment when you find the right neighborhood. 

Ready to take the next step? View our communities, availability, and virtual tours, then contact us today!

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