Moving to a Different Unit in the Same Building

Moving to a Different Unit in the Same Building

It’s normal to outgrow what you once loved. You might appreciate the building, apartment community, or even the neighborhood. That doesn’t mean you are exempt from needing something different that was once great for you. If you still want to live in the same apartment building, but need a different unit, congratulations, this happens to most tenants! That’s part of the reason why apartments have numerous floor plans to accommodate for the everchanging needs of their residents. Before you start thinking you have to find a new apartment community, see if there’s an available unit in the same building you’re currently in that has what you’re looking for!


Why Residents Transfer Units

Tenants tend to move within the same building if they are planning to live with more or less people. Perhaps your roommate is moving out and you only need a one-bedroom instead of two. Or, you may be expecting a child, and therefore need more space. Maybe you accepted a job that offers more money and you can afford to live in a larger apartment than you currently do. On the flipside, maybe you took a job for less money, and now you need to lower your living expenses and are seeking a smaller apartment. These are but a few reasons why people move into a different unit within the same apartments building.


Be Proactive About Transferring

If you want a different apartment in the same building, you have to grab it by the horns. No one is going to be walking door-to-door asking if you’re interested in a different floor plan. You will have to make your landlord aware that you would like to transfer to a different unit. This may require you to sign a new lease, undergo another tenant screening, switch to a different parking spot, and possibly pay an increased security deposit. Only the landlord will be able to answer these questions, and it’s crucial you do receive answers to set yourself up for success.


If there aren’t any available units that suit your fancy, get yourself on a waiting list. Hopefully by the time your current lease is up, a unit you do like will be available and your name will be up for rotation. Request a time estimate for when a unit will be available and make sure you do not have to pay to be on the waiting list.


Don’t wait for your landlord to check in with you. Reach out to your landlord every now and again to make sure the apartment you’re waiting for hasn’t opened up. By contacting your landlord every five to seven days this proves you genuinely want to transfer units.


Moving to a new unit in the same building is still a move. You may or may not have to navigate your furniture up or down stairs. If you are able-bodied and have friends or family that can help you, you might not have to think too hard about it. If you have heavy, awkward furniture that may be too much for you to move, it would be wise to hire professional movers.


Don’t wait for the good news. Prepare for the move before your landlord notifies you the apartment you’ve been waiting for is available. Box up any non-essential items and belongings you will be able to live without until after you move into the new unit. This will make it easier to move, as you will only have to move larger items and box up your everyday items and belongings. Should the apartment you are moving into be vacant, the landlord may allow you to move some items before the lease is effective. This would be a great time to move all boxes packed with your non-essential items. When the lease is effective, you can have your friends, family, or movers assist you with large items, such as your couch, bed, or TV.


Keep in mind you will need to create a new account for utilities and change your address with the postal service. Once the postal service is notified, be sure to inform your employer, family, and friends about your new address. Should you decide you no longer want to transfer, contact your landlord right away so they can remove your name from the waiting list.

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