Renter-Friendly Wall Hanging Techniques

Renter-Friendly Wall Hanging Techniques

Do you want to decorate your walls but don’t want to cause any damage? Fortunately, there are great ways to hang things on your walls that won’t cause any damage to your apartment. Check out these three ways you can hang things on your walls without causing any damage.

Adhesive-Backed Hangers

Properly using adhesive-backed hangers like Command strips allow you to hang things on your walls without causing any damage. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and weight specifications which allow you to hang almost anything on your walls, damage-free! Ensure that your walls are smooth and clean for the best results.

Use Hook & Loop Tapes AKA Velcro

Hook and loop technology has been around for quite some time, and it is perfect for hanging things on your walls, especially things that will be removed and replaced often. Be sure you buy the ones that have strong adhesives and an appropriate weight limit for what you want to hang. Doing this will allow you to decorate and replace without damage to your apartment’s walls.


Good, old-fashioned tape can be a lifesaver when it comes to hanging flat and lightweight things on your walls. Got some polaroid photos you want to make a design with on your wall? Tape is the perfect tool for this job! You can take this a step further and get a tape with designs on it to match your style and actually incorporate the tape into the design of your room. Before going wild with tape, it is important to check that it will remove easily without pulling up paint or damaging the items that you are taping up.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Walls

Just because you aren’t using nails or screws doesn’t mean that you can hang beautiful things on your walls. Using the three methods discussed above will heed the same results while ensuring that you avoid damage to your apartment.

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