Should You Hire Movers?

Should You Hire Movers?

Should You Hire Movers?

When you decide to move to a new home, one of the first questions you probably think of is whether you should do it yourself or hire movers. Many people only look at the cost of professional movers and decide it would be cheaper to do it themselves. However, once you add up all of your costs, you will probably find that it actually isn’t cheaper. Here we will discuss why you might want to hire professional movers and how you can hire a cheap mover.

Why Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers to help you with your relocation increases the chances of having a stress-free moving experience. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire movers, here are a few of the reasons you should.

Peace of Mind

Planning, getting ready for, and executing a move is overwhelming and stressful. When you hire professional movers, it can at least take some of the stress off of your plate. They know the best ways to navigate roads and how to handle your precious belongings to keep them safe and protected. 


Unfortunately, not all of our friends and family are the most reliable. Hiring professional movers is more than likely the most reliable option for you. They are trained to learn the best techniques, and you know they will show up. 


Professional movers have gotten the moving process down to a science. They have experience getting you from A to B while sticking to a schedule. Plus, how many of us have a couch that you have no idea how to get up a staircase? You could easily spend hours of your time and a ton of frustration attempting to move that one piece of furniture. Movers are efficient and trained at handling bulky items. They can end up saving you a lot of time.


Sometimes, moving can be dangerous. Heavy, overloaded boxes and big pieces of furniture can potentially lead to unnecessary injuries. Don’t put yourself at risk of an injury or damaging your belongings. Hire movers!

Packing Services

Anyone who has attempted moving by themselves knows how long it takes to pack up all of your belongings. If you’re looking around wondering, “where do I begin,” consider hiring professional movers. Many moving companies offer packages that include packing and unpacking options. They’ll even bring the needed packing materials with them. They will know how to pack your things efficiently and safely in a much quicker manner than you will.

Qualified Drivers and Equipment

Moving has a lot of certain equipment like a van liftgate, dollies, or even furniture pads. Don’t know how to use them or don’t have access to them? Your moving company does. They will come prepared with the items you need and the experience necessary to use them properly.

How Can I Hire a Cheap Mover?

Everybody wants a good deal, especially when it comes to moving. You’ve probably already spent a lot of time and money finding your new house or apartment. So, you’re trying to save a little money by hiring a cheap mover. There are two basic steps you need to follow to hire a cheap mover that will still get the job done well.

Decide on Your Move Type

The cost of hiring professional movers will vary greatly based on your move type. Your move type will be determined by a few different factors. These include how much stuff you’re moving, the distance you’re traveling, and your budget. There are three basic types of moves – full service, moving container, or DIY.

Full-service moves are the most convenient, as you receive professional service at every step of the way. They will load and unload your belongings, along with driving them to your new home. You can also add services like packing, disassembling, and reassembling. Full-service movers are the most expensive option out there, but they might be best for you for a few reasons. If you’re on a time crunch, you have a large load, or you’re moving a long-distance, full-service movers might be best.

Moving container moves do not require you to drive. They will transport your belongings from A to B, but you will have to do all the loading and unloading yourself. This option is significantly cheaper than a full-service mover. 

Truck rental moves, aka DIY moves, are the most budget-friendly but also the least convenient. You will take the reins on packing, hauling, loading, and driving from one location to the next. It is by far the most affordable option, but it also puts the most responsibility on you. These types of moves are generally best for smaller loads.

Set a Budget and Shop Around

The cost of professional movers can vary widely. Do a little research on typical prices and set your budget. Then, you will want to shop around to make sure you get the best deal. 

First, you should look for companies that have good customer reviews, offer the services you need, are within your budget, and work in your area. Some moving companies might not have a service footprint that reaches your new location. When looking at reviews, look on third-party websites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Don’t simply rely on the reviews on that company’s website. Those are always cherry-picked to show the best of the best. You will want to see a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews.

You can almost guarantee there are going to be negative reviews mixed into positive ones. You should actually be skeptical of companies that have no negative reviews. But what kinds of negative reviews should worry you?

  • Customers reporting lots of damage to their items
  • Last-minute charges
  • Unexpected delays

Finally, before making a final decision to hire movers, you will want to get quotes from a few different companies to compare prices. Some companies offer over-the-phone estimates. Others will require a home visit. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get an exact cost until you submit an inventory or do an in-home inspection of your belongings. Still, a ballpark estimate will give you a rough idea of what your final price will be.

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