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Apartment Living Tips and More

Healthy living is more than just keeping your apartment clean and free from flies and spiders. Healthy living is knowing how to navigate an issue with a neighbor and learning how to rent with roommates. Sometimes, it can be knowing how to keep your roommates (and yourself) happy.
If you work or study from your apartment, it’s essential to designate a workspace so the rest of your apartment can be your “relaxed space.” The greatest remote working challenge is not having the mental disconnect walking out of the office at the end of the day provides.
Additionally, if you have young kids (or have young visitors), it is imperative to child-proof your apartment to ensure their safety. Your wellness goes far beyond your cleaning habits; it’s how you organize, prepare, and communicate with others.

Deep Clean an Apartment Kitchen 2

Deep-Clean an Apartment Kitchen

It is important to clean the kitchen every day, but it is necessary to exceed a standard kitchen cleaning once each week to keep your Read More »

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Clean Your Light Fixtures 2

Clean Your Light Fixtures

It is important to maintain your lights and light fixtures cleanliness to have the best light in your apartment. As with everything in life, safety Read More »

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Cheat Codes for Apartment Life 2 1

Clean an Apartment Bathroom in Fifteen Minutes or Less

Following your kitchen, the next most important room to keep clean is your bathroom. Healthy practice would be to clean your bathroom once a week, Read More »

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better your credit score

Better Your Credit Before You Sign Your Next Apartment Lease

Is your credit score standing between you and your next apartment? No need to stress, there are several ways to improve your credit score. Landlords Read More »

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climate controlled storage considerations 1

Considerations for Climate-Controlled Storage

You most likely have accumulated many belongings over the years. Many renters use climate-controlled storage units for items they don’t need on a regular basis. Read More »

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protect yourself against apartment rental scams

Protect Yourself Against Apartment Rental Scams

Most people aren’t considering the possibility of a rental scam when searching for their next apartment. As apartment hunters are eagerly looking for their next Read More »

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maximize your studio apartment

Maximize Your Studio Apartment

If you’re a student, a minimalist, or simply prefer to live on your own, a studio apartment is a great way to go. A studio Read More »

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hosting in your apartment

Hosting in Your Apartment

When the holidays come around, you may start to think about how you’re going to host your family and friends. Hosting even a small get Read More »

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foods the garbage disposal was not meant for

Foods the Garbage Disposal Was Not Designed For

Apartments have many wonderful amenities and appliances. One that fails to receive recognition is the garbage disposal. As everyone has to eat, everyone has to Read More »

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dont forget to clean the fan

Don’t Forget to Clean the Fan

Fans are a great way to combat the heat for folks without air conditioning. Even if you have air conditioning, fans provide white noise that Read More »

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