Living in Milwaukee

Apartment Living Tips and More

Residing in the Lower East Side makes Living in Milwaukee a dream. Vantage on the Park, our community located at 916 E State Street, is only blocks away from the Milwaukee Art Museum and various others.
You can enjoy several green spaces, including the famous Cathedral Square, Juneau, and Veterans Parks. Use the Oak Leaf Trail to connect to the McKinley and Bradford beaches and Lake Park. Stop for a photo at the North Point Lighthouse and General Douglas MacArthur Statue overlooking Lake Michigan.
Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Milwaukee Air & Water Show and mark your calendar for the Brady Street Festival and Milwaukee Brewfest.
Vantage on the Park is four blocks from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), making it a fantastic spot for students and professors. After class, head three blocks west to enjoy the afternoon at Pere Marquette Park and views of the Milwaukee River.

reasons to get renters insurance

Reasons To Get a Renter’s Insurance Policy

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Preventable Moving Mistakes

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decorations that dont damage

Decorations That Don’t Damage

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Declutter Your Apartment and Declutter Your Mind

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Apartment Search Secrets

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apartment decorating like a designer

Apartment Decorating Like a Designer

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10 Steps to Clean Your Apartment Kitchen in 15 Minutes

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7 Things You Probably Forget to Clean

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6 reasons you should get renters insurance

6 Reasons You Should Get Renter’s Insurance

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