Apartment Living Tips and More

Renting is a great way to live a life where everything is at your fingertips, public transportation, grocery stores, your place of employment, and leisure activities. Renting is much more than getting a spot at the best apartment, it’s about getting a spot at the best apartment for you.
Finding an apartment is the first piece of the puzzle. People used to skim the newspaper and pick apart gas station billboards to find an apartment. Today, you can pull out your phone and start the journey.
Modern technology has made finding an apartment incredibly easy. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the internet and smartphones allow you to see apartment communities without walking out the door.
Take advantage of photo galleries, floor plans, and virtual tours to see and experience the spaces before you schedule an in-person tour. This will help you determine if the community you’re looking at is the best apartment or if it is the best apartment for you.
Discover all there is to renting in our blog. Dive deep into our apartment decorating hacks before learning about the neighborhoods surrounding our apartment communities in Chicago, Evanston, and Milwaukee.

what you need when you move in 1

10 Apartment Necessities to Have Prior to Moving In

Ensure You Have These Ten Things Before Moving In! It is important to furnish and decorate your apartment slowly, however, there are some supplies necessary Read More »
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reasons to get renters insurance

Reasons To Get a Renter’s Insurance Policy

Regardless if you’ve been fine without it, you should still take out a renter’s insurance policy.  It may not be required by your current landlord, Read More »
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preventable moving mistakes

Preventable Moving Mistakes

Moving within the same building or city isn’t as easy as everyone makes it sound, it still takes time and preparation. If you’re moving out Read More »
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easy apartment upgrades

Easy Apartment Upgrades

People tend to think because they rent an apartment they aren’t able to make upgrades, but the truth is there are plenty of simple upgrades Read More »
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decorations that dont damage

Decorations That Don’t Damage

When it comes to decorating, you don’t have to damage your apartment. There are many products and design ideas to personalize your apartment without sacrificing Read More »
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declutter your apartment and declutter your mind

Declutter Your Apartment and Declutter Your Mind

No outdoor chores and a smaller living space makes it easier to keep clean, but if you don’t have sufficient storage solutions, the clutter will Read More »
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compromise with a messy roommate

Compromise with a Messy Roommate

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your apartment spotless, but if you lose your cool over the smallest mess, you may have a bigger issue to Read More »
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child proof your apartment

Child-Proof Your Apartment

An apartment is an excellent way to immerse your child into a sense of belonging and community. That doesn’t mean apartments a care-free, though. If Read More »
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apartment search secrets

Apartment Search Secrets

Looking for your next apartment can seem like a tedious task, even more so if you are relocating to a new city or state. Luckily, Read More »
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apartment decorating like a designer

Apartment Decorating Like a Designer

Apartment decorating like a designer isn’t hard when you know how to look at your blank canvas. Use the tips below to guide your journey! Read More »
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